In this quick and short guide we are going to cover how to manually activate Microsoft Office 2013 using a command that reaches out to the KMS server for activation.

Completing Manual Activation

I found out about this command while researching issues I was facing with Office 2013. My issue was getting Office to activate as I was creating a custom desktop OS image.  The more automation done the better, right?

Below is the command that you will need to run if Microsoft Office 2013 fails to activate with the KMS server automatically.

*** Also keep in mind that if this was the first installation trying to activate that you will need 4 other activation request to the server that have different SKU ID’s before activations are successful. ***


Make sure that you are in the Office installation directory. See image below.

cscript ospp.vbs /act

Once the script processes, look for the last line before the exiting message.  You should see the following info:

Once you see the <Product activation successful> message, all of the Microsoft products should be activated!

Congrats! You have manually activate Microsoft Office 2013 using KMS successfully.

Missing KMS Client Setup Keys?

Here is the Microsoft resource page that contains the needed license keys.

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