Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the Internet?  Being blind to this is quite common. Heck most people do not even consider what happens once they click something. All we know is that we want what we clicked on now, unless that is a nasty computer virus. By now you know not everything on the Internet is good however.

Below are 2 of my favorite sites that show you what is really happening online.  One of the most prevalent attacks inside the Internet are attacks on email.  Check out the sites below and remember that everything you see is real time threats as it is tracked.

It is a good reminder that you are not alone on the internet, and it is best to protect your PC’s regardless of how safe your methods online are.

While these sites are cool and very informative, it is just a small glimpse of what is really going on in the wild wild west of the Internet.

Make sure to protect your PC to the fullest and always keep it up to date.  Not just Windows or OS updates, but all applications that are installed.  By keeping your programs and applications up to date you can stack the odds in your favor to avoid having PC issues due to security vulnerabilities.

Are there any sites like this that we missed?  Tell us!